Quote Air Features

A Comprehensive Feature Set

Quote Air has been designed from the ground up as a fully featured quoting solution to match any business.
Using the latest technologies and an intuitive interface, Quote Air will revolutionize the way in which you produce quotes for your clients.


Intuitive Interface

  • Drag-and-drop
  • Easy to use
  • Ensures precision

The easy-to-use drag and drop interface makes configuring the most complex quotes a breeze.
Product options are displayed in a hierarchical tree layout, guiding the salesperson through the configuration process.

Cloud Based

  • Online Storage
  • No Hardware Costs
  • Encrypted

All quotes are saved on the web, and encrypted communication provides peace of mind knowing that your quotes are secure.

Realtime Reporting

  • Interactive Charts
  • Export to CSV

Reports are available in real time, allowing up to the minute sales force performance information.

Report charts are interactive, allowing you to "drill down" to deeper levels of the report, down to the lowest level - the actual quote.

Reports can be exported to CSV for further analysis.

Multiple Templates

  • PDF Output
  • Template Driven

Quote templates can be provided to your sales force, standardizing your presentation to clients.

Completed quotes are produced in PDF format, ready to be mailed to the client or printed.

By using templates for quote generation, the same quote can be output in a number of different ways.

Built-in Tutorials

  • Minimizes Training
  • Interactive
  • Step by step

Quote Air features built-in interactive tutorials for the common tasks a user needs to follow to produce a quote, allowing learning "on the fly". This minimizes the training required and gets a new user up to speed rapidly.

About Us

D-BIT Systems is a software development house based in Randburg, South Africa.
Our primary focus is financial software, including Payroll, Fixed Assets, Labour Broker and Bureau solutions. Please visit our main site for more info.


pictureReally user friendly - makes quoting a breeze!"

Belinda Davies


pictureBrilliant program, greatly speeds up the quoting process."

Jenna-lee Jackson

What They Say

pictureQuote Air is phenomenal! Truly astounding!"

Glenda Roberts